Reptiles for Sale Review (Glades Herp)

Glades Herp Review
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Glades Herp has been around a long time, and they've gained a lot of credibility along the way, which we can attest to with confidence. We are big fans. They have a large selection of live reptiles, amphibians, and inverts, as well as a ton of great book recommendations.

Glades Herp has lasting power. After all, they've been in business for over 25 years! We've ordered from them quite a few times, even dating back to their mail order days in the 90's when we would order from their memorable neon green price lists. They now have a website which is, you guessed it, very green. An uncomplicated site layout makes navigation a real breeze.

Their website contains upcoming reptile shows (the ones they will be attending), extensive online reptile and amphibian price lists (including inverts), "Glades Gear," announcements, new arrivals, and a members-only section. The only negative being that there are no pictures or descriptions of the animals. They also have listed public shop hours. They do have a minimum order size of $100 for online orders, but nowadays that's not too a tough target to hit. Shipping costs are $25 to $75, based on the size of the animals (it's usually around $45 or so).

They guarantee live arrival as well as outwardly healthy animals. If the animal is captive bred, there is even a seven-day extended guarantee. If there is an issue, you can give them a call to discuss potential options including store credit or a replacement. They are good at answering the phone, so if you have questions about stock availability try contacting them at (352) 568-1713.

We've ordered mud turtles, savannah monitors, black throat monitors, countless frogs, geckos, bearded dragons, and many other critters from them over the years, and we've never had one arrive DOA. That's quite an accomplishment. The animals are always very well packed in styrofoam boxes, and we've always been very pleased with our order. There's a reason they've been in business for so long. Highly recommended.

This has been our experience with Glades Herp. They get high marks in our book.

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