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Backwater Reptiles Review

backwater reptiles review
Backwater Reptiles Review
Backwater Reptiles -

Looking for a review of Backwater Reptiles? We've had excellent experiences ordering through them (, and want to pass along our findings. Below is a quick summation of their business, and our take-aways having ordered through them on multiple occasions.

We happened across Backwater Reptiles several months ago after hearing positive things about them from a colleague. We visited their website and were very pleasantly surprised by the clean, professional nature in which it was built. Easy navigation, a very large selection of hundreds of reptiles and amphibians, really beautiful pictures, and relevant tidbits about each species which we found interesting. They also guarantee live arrival, a seven day extended guarantee, and outwardly healthy animals. Check out their live reptiles for sale and see if you're as impressed as us.

We placed our first order online for four red eye tree frogs (2.2), two Green anacondas (1.1), and three Red-headed agamas (1.2). The order was placed at 10:17 am on a Tuesday, and our order arrived literally the next day (Wednesday) at 9:49am. A turnaround of less than a 24-hours. We also received an e-mail with tracking information the prior evening. Each animal not only arrived alive, but in great condition. Needless to say we were very pleased. Also, the frogs, snakes, and agamas were sexed correctly. Very refreshing.

A few weeks later we purchased a baby male Brazilian Rainboa boa, a male Jackson's chameleon, and 1,000 feeder crickets through Backwater Reptiles. Once again we received our shipment promptly and were very pleased that everything arrived alive and looked gorgeous (especially the chameleon). We had a 100% thumbs-up experience. The crickets arrived two days later as they are shipped 2-3 day air according to their website.

Overnight shipping is a flat $39.99, regardless of how many animals are ordered, and regardless of the size of the animals ordered, which is great. Shipments are via Fedex or UPS overnight. There are no minimum orders.

It's worth mentioning that they respond very quickly to e-mails. Their customer service gets extraordinarily high marks in our book. No one compares in this department. Not even close.

In this industry, when you find a company that performs as advertised, you tend to stick with them. This has been our experience with Backwater Reptiles.

Update: They have added a website for wholesale reptiles for sale.

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